Friday, July 26, 2013

DPAdmin Benefits

iSOA Group's DPADMIN© is a command line utility for DataPower which can not only be used for managing DataPower devices but also for Configuration ManagementScript based Automated Application Deployment and device run time operations.

Benefits of DPAdmin:

DPADMIN can have concurrent deployment and also manage many devices in a multi-threaded mode. These features can benefit companies in lot of different ways. Companies can:

  • Provide Repeatability, Accuracy and Reliability.
  • Provide High Speed Deployment using Parallel Mode.
  • Reduce the cost
  • Have complete control of the deployment from the command line
  • Have Total Platform Independence
  • Provide Reusable XML Scripts across various platforms
  • Provide XML based automation interface.
  • Maintain accounting for every command/script run using this tool.

To know more about this tool, please click here