Friday, February 15, 2013

iSOA Group takes a Holistic Approach with Infrastructure and Software Consulting

There are two things on the minds of businesses when it comes to their technological capabilities: effective service and quick responsiveness. And as technology improves, the expectations of getting excellent service and responsiveness in a timely fashion rise with it. Take an example that everyone can relate to: How long are you willing to wait for a website to load before you move on to another? Is it a matter of seconds? Now compare how long you're willing to wait now with how long you were willing to wait a decade ago. 

Consumers' expectations have risen in much the same way and businesses need to be prepared to accommodate the needs of their customers and employees with extreme efficiency.
iSOA Group is dedicated to helping businesses meet modern challenges through infrastructure and software consulting uniquely designed and implemented for each individual business. iSOA Group offers agile integration solutions which include:

-The latest in IBM software, including the most recent iterations of WebSphere and DataPower. As part of our full-service approach, our team will work with yours in order to create a better understanding and take full advantage of the extraordinary capabilities that cutting edge IBM software will provide for your business.

-Assistance in modernizing your infrastructure to handle the constant strains and fluctuating demands of a global consumer base and your growing business operations. Is your system currently optimized to handle traffic from a variety of mobile apps, should you decide to develop one for consumer use? Can your employees reliably order supplies or perform other everyday tasks through a portal service they can access through their mobile device?  Our highly trained consultants will make sure your business' infrastructure is up to date, able to handle mobile integration, and will maximize operational efficiency; all while providing a great ROI for your business.

-Personalized mentoring services after your solutions have been implemented.  We realize that every business is unique and faces their own problems that require individually designed solutions.  The iSOA team will assist you in processing documentation for your solutions, including their support, operation, and configuration. We'll help you develop the architecture you need, explore new business requirements, and provide proactive solutions that will enable your business' continuing success. Finally, we'll get your unique mobile integration plans into motion, allowing you to integrate mobile devices into your system efficiently and securely.